Why Manizales?

Manizales is called “the city of the open doors” because of the hospitality and kindness from the people, it is located above the central Andes mountain range, in one of the coffee regions of Colombia, where you can find and enjoy the best coffee in the world and all about its culture and history. Manizales […]

Love and Adventure!!

Have you ever felt your relationship could use some renewing adventure? are you the type of person that loves laughing with your couple? If you are, then you know what I´m talking about and I won`t say more. Get your arse over here and finish your day tired to death from the day`s adventure. #hostel […]

Perfect timing !!

Has it ever happened to you, one of those things, a bit strange, a bit odd, but in the end MAGIC??? this is what we get not every day, but oftenly, nature and cosmos surprise us with a perfect timing picture! Come along, connect with nature and people and hope for one of those caught […]

Terrible Goodbyes!!

Saying goodbye isn´t easy, we all know it. when you´ve spent some days on the island, sharing with the same crew, they become like your family. Trips around the island, particular experiences with  the island crew and people will make you have lots of thing in common with the other guests to the point you […]

All Together!

All together in a cook out! it’s very often that we all come together for dinner. A guitar player and some beers make us company untill the food is ready. nights like these open way for pleasent, relaxing nights! #cool #relaxing #adventure #hostels #hostel #island #cartagena